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Reflections Festival

Celebrating the Very Best in the Performing, Literary & Visual Arts.

Arizona’s annual performance celebration featuring master teachers, performers and emerging artists exploring contemporary life in light of world cultures & universal wisdom.

Reflections Homepage - Photo credit Christel Veraart

Phase I - Merope

The inaugural Reflection in the Fall/Winter 2022 is a seven minute film and one day live immersive event, focusing on finding our authentic selves through the story of Merope, — the hidden sister of the famous star cluster the Pleiades.

We wonder whether she, this youngest star in the star cluster of the Pleiades that cannot be seen with the naked eye, is in fact our authentic self.

Phase II - Nostalgia

In the early Fall of 2023, the second reflection will be a multiple day live event introducing Arizona’s annual gathering of master teachers, performers and emerging artists exploring contemporary life in light of world cultures & universal wisdom.

The artists will focus on the many facets of Nostalgia and our sentimental yearning for the past.  

Phase III - The Festival

Reflections will pursue artistic endeavors through workshops, commissions, and performances as well as support the research, development and presentation of new productions providing filmed, virtual and live experiences for the local and global audiences.

Arizona Sunset Theater

What we Do

Reflections Festival

A multi-day, multi-disciplinary Performance/Workshop Festival that aims to empower through authenticity, and in doing so, create a brighter presence in the lives of others and in the world.  

Our goal is to create, showcase and present an unparalleled variety of performing and visual arts in all their forms, to educate emerging and professional artists and to engage audiences meaningfully in the many forms of the arts.

We plan to open a new door in Arizona for artists and audiences from around the world.

Merope - The Film

A Journey to Authenticity

Merope for Children

Let’s Find Her!

Merope - The Live Event

Location – To be determined

Celebrating the Very Best in the Performing & Visual Arts

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