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Winnie Muench Headshot

Winifred Muench

Chairman Sedona Chamber Ballet | Co-Producer Merope | Grant Writer

Winifred Muench, retired healthcare executive most recently as a member of the corporate staff at the University of Pennsylvania will provide the festival with her extensive leadership experience in the areas of business development, financial analyses, budget planning and strategic planning. Most recently, as Chairman of the Sedona Chamber Ballet, she has produced over twenty large scale dance performances and is intimately aware of what is necessary to make an arts production a success. 

Christel Veraart

Christel Veraart

Composer/Singer/Lyricist | Music Director | Co-Producer Merope

Sedona-based composer/singer and lyricist Christel Veraart trained classically in Europe, South America and the US. She is the recipient of multiple grants and fellowships and her music has featured and broadcast internationally.

Seamlessly alternating between cinematic, classical and new age styles, Veraart’s music transports you to far away places that range from solo and small ensemble to large orchestra. Her influences are eclectic, drawing on a wide variety of musical and cultural influences. She writes for film, dance, theater, and most recently for Google.

Touted as “musical glossolalia that reminds some of the secret-language vocalizations of Lisa Gerrard’, her 10th album Pleiades was awarded by ZMR with the 2020 “Best Album of the Year”. Described as: “in our oh-so-troubled times, her music will help you focus on the positive and rise above the fray”, this album was hailed as:  “If you ever wanted to verify the power of sound in its tonality and vibration, this is where you can feel it–like a scoop of an earth-moving crane, Christel’s vocals carry you and transport to the starry worlds, where mysteries become mystical and unknown becomes the most cherished companion…”

Christel is also a gifted graphic designer and is responsible for this website. 

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