Merope – A Journey to Authenticity

Sedona Chamber Ballet is proud to present Merope – A Journey to Authenticity, a short film by Juan Carlos Zaldivar that features dance & choreography by Jordan Pelliteri, visual art by Max Ernst, Dorothea Tanning, Amy Ernst, Jim Peterson and Glenn Grayson, poetry by Nikita Gill and Hermann Hesse to the music of composer and singer Christel Veraart, who also wrote the story line.

This short film is the first phase of the brand new multi disciplinary arts initiative Reflections Festival that aims to enrich Sedona and Arizona’s cultural life. Grateful for the support of the Arizona Commission on the Arts, Flinn Foundation, City of Sedona, Sedona Conservatory, and the Sedona Arts Academy, the film is scheduled to premiere later this year.

Merope – A Journey to Authenticity, the inaugural Reflections Festival theme, focuses on finding our authentic selves through the story of Merope, — the hidden seventh sister of the Pleiades star cluster. Merope, who cannot be seen with the naked eye, may be seen as a metaphor for our authentic selves that holds the hidden gem that resides within us.

Our short film consists of five scenes. Each of these scenes featuring dance, music, spoken word, and visual arts. We are scheduled to film in Sedona on August 13 & 14, 2022.


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